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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fashion Designing.School.V

Fashion Designing and me go way back to when I was 4 years old.My dad was then a visiting Cad consultant at NIFT and he used to bring back home drawings and designs for me.I was so fascinated by the business of dressing human figure that when my fellows were making a human figure with a hairless round heads,triangular torsos and rectangular hands and legs, my drawings were amazingly anatomically correct.But all I could draw was women.If I tried to draw a man he would look like a cross between a chimpanzee and a mauled manequin.But that's okay.There is not much you can design for men.Even now I have a passion for fashion designing and would love to pursue it as a career.Take a look at one of the drawings I have made.I know it isn't clean but then I made it on the back of my Chemistry register during a particularly dull period.The back of my Chemistry notebook usually resembles a very colored fashion mag by the end of the year.

Rememeber remember the fifth of November
The gunpowder treason and plot
I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot

V for Vendetta is one of the most brilliantly crafted movies I have ever seen.It manges to fire your blood like no other movie does.The acting and the Ciematography is spell binding and the
dialouges mange to leave you dazed with their brilliance.Take this for a starter:
(The protagonist V introducing himself to the Evey(Natalie Portman),the main female character of the movie)
VoilĂ ! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is it vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished, as the once vital voice of the verisimilitude now venerates what they once vilified. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van-guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose ,and so it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.

Check out reviews and more dialouges here

It's been a week since the school has started and what a week it has been.Getting to know people in the new class.Preparing for a movie (15 Park Avenue) discussion competition.Being told by the English teacher that she was happy that I had not left the school so that she could take me in the editorial board of our school magazine again.Inhaling sulphur-dioxide in the chemistry lab and nearly fainting.Looking for new blood, for DynamiX.Being picked as the Deputy House captain.Getting drenched to the skin in the rain on my way to school and being scolded for leaving a trail of water in the staff room.Coming back from school,running to maths classes,running back home,rushing to the swimming pool,rushing back home for dinner,studies and computer and then being shooed to bed.Wh..oooh...fh.I am more busy than I ever remember being in life.Ah that's a cue that the post is about to finish and it has.Almost.

Flotsam:For every action in the universe there is an equal and opposite reaction.If this is true then how does a horse pull a cart? Every time the horse would pull the cart, the cart would pull it back with equal force thereby resulting in zero motion.

See you later,alligator.


Monday, July 03, 2006


OK This might be the shortest post I ever make but its not certainly a desperate attempt to post something.This is a genuinely good link that I came across when I was wandering over the web.This is The Most Hilarious Geek Joke I have ever read.It's on various programming languages and one would need the elementry knowledge about the given languages to understand this one.Please do take the trouble to drag your mouse over to the link and press your index finger down hard on the left mouse button.

P.S: Please don't think I have completley gone round the curve and would start posting links,jokes,chweet forwarded messages and stuff to keep my blog alive.This joke was too irresistable and an exception.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Autodesk Solution Day

Desclaimer:I am typing this post on an old dusty AMD K6 machine running on Win98 whose ancient cherry keyboard has been lying unused for ages, because the new computers are being hogged by other inmates of my house.V on this keyboard is very moody and works only when I thak-thak-thak it half a dozen times.So to spare me and my keyboard all the pain you guys'll have to do without V for the rest of the post.I will refer to V as wee.

1st June was Autodesk Solution Day Conferance at Hyatt Regency, Delhi.I attended it with my father who has been using AutoCad for about 13 years now and wants me to walk along his footsteps in 3D.Though I am tempted to give you a blow by blow account, I understand all the details might be too boring for most of the people.I'll just giwe you the highlights.

Since teenagers and young students like me weren't officialy invited, I figured it wouldn't be smart to go in there in my usual capris and tees and look 16.That does not mean that I put chalk in my hair and wore a sari to look 60.I just donned a professional looking attire of black shirt and trousers.Apparently I managed to achieweee the desired effect with it.An elderly web developer who sat next to me in the conference asked me which company I served and at what post.I decided against lying and said I was a student.When he asked me the name of the college I said I was just a high school student. For one moment I was afraid he was going to yell,"Guards, seize her!!" but he said he was amazed and impressed that somebody so young could sit though all those demos and speeches with intrest (that is without nodding off like the guy in front of me did)

The morning half of the conference was slightly dull with the only intresting things being a demo of AutoCAD 2007's radical new features(Unless you want to nod off too,you don't want to hear me talk about them) and a fabulous demo of 3DS Max.To my dissapointment that was the only Discreet product they showcased from the unbelievablely large range of software they for multimedia and movie deveopment.They pretended as if Maya did not exist(I suspect they plan to kill Maya now that they own Alias.They'll just upgrade 3DSMax with Maya's features)The rest of the morning they spoke about User Liscenses,Autodesk Dewelopment Network and stuff like that.

Lunch was served at Djinns,one of the hottest night clubs for the uber rich people of Delhi.I couldn't believe I actually got a chance to see it from inside.The decor was a beautiful mosaic of old world artefacts.There were intresting things all over the walls and the ceiling like a pig's head,a life size wooden fish,a dart board,old guitars,an ancient yellow parchment sign asking wisitors to keep their horses in the stable and their swords with the owner of the inn,beautifully crafted models of old airplanes just to name a few.There was an old western style telephone booth in front of the bar.The music was great.The lighting was breathtaking.I didn't notice what I ate for lunch but the dessert (Apple struddles and custard caramle) was wery good.

The second half was broken out in 4 different fields called breakouts by the Autodesk people.Manufacturing Solutions, Building Solutions,Infrastructure Solutions and Education Solutions conducted by domain experts from the respectiwee fields.I sat in the education one for a while and got bored with the people on stage yakking about Autodesk's efforts in the field of education over and over again.I sat for most of the time in the architecture break out which was excellently conducted by architects using Autodesk Software in architecture.They demoed Revit(I hawee typed "wee" here with a lot of efforts) and Architectural Desktop.They made designing magnificent buildings look so easy that for a moment I was tempted to think about architecture as a prospectiwee career option.There was this guy who designed and airport right in front of our eyes.

The best part of the whole conference was one right at the end.A demo of Alias Studio in the Manufacturing Solutions.I went into manufacturing break out just for that and it sure was worth missing some of the last bit of the Architecture solutions.It was presented by a Canadian who was using a Wacom Intuos 3 drawing tablet which is one of my ultimate fantasy gadgets.He sketched a conceptual wrist watch and converted it into a streamlined 3d model.The end product was beautiful.Since Alias Studio is used world over for styling cars he designed one right there in front of us.

From this post onwards I will be starting a blog series (for want of a better word)called Flotsam.They're just random thoughts floating through the ocean of my brain that come on the blogshore carried by my brainwaves.

Flotsam:I wonder why web logs are called blogs.Wouldn't it be fun if they are called
Ogs? Then we will all be Ogres.


Friday, May 26, 2006

Mona Lisa Smile

If people expect me to begin this post with an explanation on why I have allowed my blog to die a slow and painful death,they'd be dissapointed.I have no explanation except the fact that I am finding blogging is no cake walk when you have one of your
own.This post is more of an attempt to drive away the demons of CBSE Result due tommorow than to inject some life in my blog.

I have finally learnt to swim freestyle (Does a mad tribal dance ,gets stared at by Mom and Dad who believed their daughter was sane until now).My day usually begins at 5.00 in the morning when I head for the swimming pool followed by an hour of underwater bliss.When I step out of the pool it feels as if each and every particle of my body is trying to drag me down back in.But as a direct fall out of swimming regularly I have acquired a spectacular tan.I can see the outline of the swimming suit on my neck and back.But who cares? Swimming is worth having a slightly darker skin.

I am in a good mood these days because my Sims are in a good mood.I love that game (The only game I like other than NFSU(More on NFSU later)).Maybe still inside me is a little girl who likes to play with dolls in a doll house.And which little girl wouldn't like dolls that are intelligent,smart,have a multi-faceted personality,get hungry,have a social life,like taking a bath,make their bed after they wake up,watch TV,check their e-mails,pay their bills,cook speghetti and meat balls and (sniggers) take care of their bladder.The gameplay is amazingly life like (Except at a few points like when they pull a book out of nowhere when asked to read in the bed)
and is challenging.It isn't easy to keep your Sim happy and cheerful all the time and take care of their sometimes tough aspirations.For example a beautiful Sim that I've named Arwen has an alarming ambition of going out with three guys at once (Tries and fails to keep a straight face). They lead complex lives like we do (Although I have never met anybody who'd like to go out with three people at one time) and that is exactly what makes the game so riveting.

To try and not think about the result of my exams I have gone on a movie-watching spree.Some one line reviews.

Harry Potter GOF: Slightly less unbearable than the previous movies.

Robots:A delightful,very well made ,light hearted movie with serious undertones (which I'd like to explain some day)

Spirited Away:Mediocre plot but amazing graphics

Erin Brokovich:A strong story about a strong woman.Amazing acting by Julia Roberts.

Rang De Basanti:Stunning choreography,awesome music,great acting,realistic touching plot sans any melodrama,this movie deserves a separate post.

I have taken to going on long lonely walks in the JNU campus to take my mind off distressing stuff.It's beautiful especially when it rains and everything in sight is green,yellow and orange and the peacocks come out and dance.The view from Parthsarthy point,the tallest point in JNU campus inspires me to poetry.The stundents are a lucky lot to study in a campus so gorgeous

OK I think I will finish this post now and go back to chewing my nails and thinking about the results.


PS:I think you all must have realised by now that this post had nothing to do with Mona Lisa or her smile.I figured some title was better than no title.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Of ....(gives up) nothing in particular

I think you can never truly appreciate how blessed silence and peace is until you have had kids around you.My paternal uncle and aunt arrived from Goa last fortnight and I was at mercy of my two cousins aged four and five till yesterday.Being the youngest in my family I posses absolutely no skills with kids.Babies are fine but children like my cousins drive me out of my mind.These two little brats posses extraordinary skill at getting what they want by crying,kicking,punching,screeching,pulling,breaking,biting and what not.They also seem to have a microscopic sight when it comes to detecting the most minuscule difference between things that we get for both of them which are as identical as is humanly possible.So with my mom in the kitchen,my dad at work,my brother at college and my chacha chachi generally having a good time I was expected to break the his-cup-is-bigger-than-mine and his-ball-is-a-brighter-shade-of-pink-than-mine arguments.The good thing about them was that they believed anything that I said.I told them that the old bulb holder in my study was used to hang kids like them upside down by the ankles when they don't listen to their elders and that the kabariwallah carried away kids in his sack when told to do so.
Anyway, now that they are back in Goa I am missing them sorely.Nobody had ever played ping pong on my back before them.

I am learning to swim.It's just been a week or so.I can float and do a bit of swimming now but with
the help of a float.I initially had problems with keeping my head under water and holding my breath.
I would panic and come up to the surface sputtering and gasping for dear air.But now I have started
realising that I have enough air in my lungs and can now stay down for quite a while.I have only had one scare
in the pool till now.I was learning to propell myself by pushing my feet against the wall of the pool.
I lifted my feet off the floor and floated pretty neatly until something went wrong and I lost my balance.
I plunged right in and swallowed a lot of water through my nose and mouth, came up and went down again.
My dad who was swimming nearby noticed what was going on hauled me up by the hair and pulled me to
the edge of the pool to spit out the water.I was alright (Stop mourning will you) but shaken. But even if I drown and die my spirit will come back and swim in the pool.Such is the feeling of being underwater.After you get over the initial
feeling of being disorianted,out-of-control and drunken(I had a wild impulse to giggle when I entered
the water for the first time) you start enjoying the freedom and the sheer weightlessness.Floating in water
is the closest you can get to the feeling of flying.

I have got a new set of Creative 5.1 speakers for my computer to call my own (The audiophile in me wipes tears of joy)
The sound is divine. I can hear the window panes rattling when I play Rasmus,Massive Attack,U2,Metallica,Green Day and the likes.Percussion instruments in my dad's collection of classical music sound unbelievable.These speakers have given a new meaning to my 8 GB currently on HDD music collection.Currently on my favourites list are:

Rasmus-In the shadows,First Day of my life,Not like the other girls,Keep your heart broken(Love each and every one of them)
Fort Minor-Remember the name
Gangster-Bheegi Bheegi (It's nothing like the usual moronic,crappy, weepy, dopey, saccherin sweet bollywood music.)
Corrs-Runaway(Very soulful)
Bryn Adams-Here I Am
Sean Paul-Temperature
Asian Dub Foundation-Fortress Europe(A number from NFSU.I get a kick whenever I hear this)
Madonna-Justify my love

Gotta go.Lunch is served.


Friday, April 07, 2006

Writer's Block

I know it's been a loooong time since my last post but I am not at fault.The culprit is something far more sinister.I have been suffering from an aggravating disease for a year now. It makes my brainwaves freeze in mid air,Chokes up my brain and renders me helpless and pathetic.It's called Writer's Block.
It's funny.I seem to be suffering from this dreadful ailment for quite some time and have hardly done any good writing since 9th so am I still a writer?If I am not then how can I be called as a victim of writer's block?
Till the time I do not face a pen or keyboard my brain frolicks among ideas,thoughts,feelings all crying in my face "Me first! Me first!" Then as soon as I try to bring one of them down on paper the ideas
suddenly become very diffident and shy of the stage and escape from my brain's hold leaving it muddled and lost in middle of nowhere.
I have in my cupboard many half written manuscripts ,some of them with quite a brilliant plot (Even if I say so myself) Alas for the plots exists only in my imagination since every time I try to write it down my writing skills betray me.Nothing is ever good enough (You wouldn't believe the times I edited this post)The story deflates like a tyre on a thornfield.
I still remember my days of glory as a writer.Ah! what days.Ideas,words,expression,feelings,thoughts used to flow like ink from a gelpen.I remember that day in 6th standard when I got full marks in essay writing and the teacher read the essay to the whole class.Creative writing in exams used to be a treat for me and I used to attempt them last as a grand finale to my paper.I still leave them in the last but now that's because I want to avoid thinking about it as long as possible.
Wow I can't believe I wrote that much.Maybe I am getting better afterall....


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Liberty Freedom And Enfranchisement

After being painfully stretched for over a month ,the exams are finally going,going....Gone.Can't say I didn't enjoy studying but the separation from the computer was too much to handle.I was reduced too fantasising about what I was going to do once these trying times were over.As for the exams they went well (except for the fact that I couldn't stop hearing Linkin Park,Metallica and Bon Jovi banging away in my head while doing the papers)
But the celebrations which had been building up in momentum since the end of the Science exam suddenly fizzled out (for me) the day exams ended. It was a kind of "too much too soon" thing.Imagine moving through a pitch black forest with only one point of light showing you which way to go . Suddenly you burst out of the forest ,a green sunlit valley strtetching before your eyes and you feel you were better off in the forest where you atleast knew which direction to go in.
Anyway I plan to make the most of my holidays.
Here are the some of the things that I wish to do in my Holidays apart from breathing:
Growing my nails .My nails have always been subjugated to tyranny by my molars.The first time I decided to not bite them was before my exams started.By the eve of my science paper they had become about .6 cm starting from the base.Unfortunately during a particularly frustrating session with organic chemistry I bit off one of my
longest nails....Went rabid and chewed them all off.

Getting a hair cut.Haven't had one since 2nd standard...believe it or not Ripley

Learning to cook well (Which essentially means preparing something not immediately fatal.)

Learning a foreign language.J'aime le français(I love French(Courtesy:Google Translate ))

Working with Python, Dremweaver, GIMP, Fireworks, AutoCad and 3ds Max

Developing my Dad's site(s).

Reading all the novels that come under my nose(I have been novel-deprived for a year now)

Reading Technical books I always wanted to read but never had the time like Beyond
386 and Physics For Entertainment(Might sound oxymoronic to some)

Tinkering around with the Commodore 64 and 128 that have been resurrected from the attic for the sake of me "experiancing" computers the 80's style.

Working Out

Working Out

Did I mention working out?

Maintaining this blog.

So long folks.See you when the next brainwave strikes my cerebrum
Uma aka BlueGeneMaid